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The Evidence Quarter

Powering evidence-based change together

The Evidence Quarter (The EQ) is home to a small but growing number of evidence-minded organisations, including What Works Centres. 

The EQ is currently home to nine organisations:

The EQ aims to bring together centres to share physical space, increase collaboration, and tackle joint challenges together. Each evidence organisation exists for a reason – to tackle a particular problem, or to help a particular group – and the uniqueness of each centre is in some ways its strength, but we face common challenges; around methodology, building movements, and achieving an impact with the research that we do. 

Centres also overlap in their goals. Six of the current What Works Centres have young people as their main focus – whether their outcomes are in education, higher education or employment, or reducing the risk of harm. The more these organisations can work together, and share resources and ideas, the more impact they can have. 

The EQ aims to be more than just an office. We want to facilitate the organisations to become greater than the sum of their parts. We regularly host events and seminars from speakers on a variety of topics of interest to our members, and, through our community manager, host working groups and roundtables on areas of cross-cutting interest, including how LGBTQAI+ people are recognised and supported by research, and the use of multiple comparison testing in impactful research. Co-location will also allow organisations to share operational functions and secure better deals and rates from suppliers.

The EQ hopes to provide a meeting place for people outside of the tenants, through The EQ associates programme. This programme, a joint effort with the Alliance for Useful Evidence at Nesta, will provide a literal and figurative space for organisations who value evidence to come together.

To learn more about how you can be part of The EQ, please click here.

Meet The EQ team

Jess Edwards
Community Manager

Jess’s role is to develop a collaborative environment across The EQ; coordinating our internal communications and events. Jess is also responsible for the online presence of The EQ and growing our wider community.

Prior to joining The EQ, Jess spent 10 years working in finance, with experience across marketing, events and investor relations.

Jess’s three greatest passions are travel, the theatre and dogs.

Lola Lewis
Office Manager

Lola works in The EQ as Office Manager. She ensures the smooth running of the office and helps make it an enjoyable place to work.

Before joining The EQ, Lola had a career in events management and senior administration. Her diverse experience and broad skill set has enabled her to take on lots of different projects, from office moves to high profile events.

When she is not working, Lola enjoys travelling, spending time with her pets and expanding her cooking skills.

James Robson
Data Protection Officer

James has 10+ years infosec and data governance experience including privacy/security information management system design for multiple large multi-national organisations. His qualifications include IAPP CIPP/E, CIPT, IBITGQ EU GDPR P, and ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and proudly considers himself a data protection nerd.

Before joining The EQ, James was a senior consultant for Evalian Limited working on multiple data governance and security projects at any one time being Data Protection Officer for a number of companies concurrently. Before Evalian he was a Data Governance & IT Security Specialist for the largest global psychometric testing firm SHL Group Ltd.

James is also a 500 hour qualified hot power yoga and meditation teacher who loves spending time with his family, reading and going ice skating with his daughter.

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